The Weather Station

After 10 years, the weather station has now come to a close on the farm.  Through retirement and change of equipment, recording of the farm will no longer take place.  We wish to send thanks and congratulations to Ruth Greenall for continuing the group and contributing.

To find out more, see how it was run below…

Ffarm Moelyci is host to a Met Office weather station.  A group of volunteers operate the weather station on a daily basis and record the weather at Ffarm Moelyci.  This has been done for over 10 years now and a huge amount of data has been collected.



From Ruth Greenall, one of the Weather Station Volunteers:

In recent months the dedication of our weather observers has been the best ever, which means only a couple of days have been missed.

However, there is always a need for back-up observers to take and extra turn when illness, family affairs, holidays away etc take an observer out of the rota.  There is nearly always another one available to provide cover even at the last minute as 4 of us live nearby.  So, we would welcome at least 2 new regular observers to join our team.  None of us have ever done the observing on a regular basis before  joining, so it’s a possible role for most people – you learn on the job with help – 10am in summer and 9am in winter to keep Greenwich Mean Time.

Another very important weather station uploads the data we accumulate in the register to a special Met Officer site.  It is used by them, along with other stations like ours to compare what we experience as weather from one year to the next.  This could be an important part of calculating change in our area, nationally and globally.

For appreciation by the membership, it would be great if we have a Ffarm Moelyci member or friend who could do the statistical analysis of our data, now stretching over 8 years.  Anyone out there who would like to take it on?  We know our data is of interest to the Met Office (who provide all our instrumentation) but it must surly be of interest to our membership and especially the allotment holders.

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