The Growing Space

In our Market Garden, we hold The Growing Space.  The Growing Space isn’t just about growing veg, it’s much much more.

In our shop Blas Lôn Las you’ll find a range of plants, herbs and flowers from our garden alongside freshly picked vegetables and salads.

Here we look to;

  • Grow people and allow people to develop their skills, learn new skills or train here in horticulture
  • Add value and expertise to local people with small businesses, helping them grow and provide outlets for their own produce.
  • Provide and run high quality training courses and teaching sessions in all aspects of horticulture, organic growing, planning gardens and vegetable plots and alternatives to fertilisers and controlling weeds.
  • Produce a wide range of high quality and ethical plants, vegetables and flowers.
  • Above all, provide opportunities for the local community to actively take part in gardening, vegetable growing and maintaining the space.  We encourage people to be part of our volunteer team, gaining experiences and wellbeing working with us.

The Growing Space is where we also produce a wide range of our own organically grown produce including foods, plants, herbs and flowers.  All grown to the same principals and ethics.  They are cared for and nurtured by our staff and a wide community volunteering team.

We and our shop outlet Blas Lôn Las believe in buying local food and supporting local businesses.  We encourage people to consider where there food is from and how it is grown.  We believe in food steps and not food miles where produce in our shop is from literally steps away where you can see it being nurtured.

For more information about The Growing Space.  If you want to contribute, volunteer, buy or want to know more please Contact Us

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