Sale of the Farm

Update from Moelyci Environmental Centre, 22nd May 2018

What you have all been waiting for…

You’ve been amazingly patient and supportive in more ways than we could have imagined so it’s only fair we bring some more positive news to you.

Hot off the press news for everyone is that the sale of the farm is in the process of going through for all four lots as we speak.  There are three preferred bidders who have made solid committed offers to buying the farm lots and we are delighted to tell you that this covers the whole farm.

It’s been a long journey…

Although the tender deadline was 17th November 2017, unfortunately that did not mean that the farm would then change and we could hand the keys over immediately.  The board of Moelyci Environmental Centre (MEC) have stated that we have a duty not only to all of our historic creditors but also to our local community.  We laid out criteria late last year which would help us choose between the various bids for the farm should we be in a position to exercise a choice.

Providence has been kind to us allowing for a future which looks to be able to ensure that activities, the open-nature of the farm, the ecology and everything else you and the community enjoy about the farm continues in a similar manner in the future.  Throughout we have performed our fiduciary duty, as we have charitable objectives, a duty to protect any investment on the farm and our Societies principals along with all the legal duties we have. We have had to attend to these whilst accommodating the inevitable consequences of our financial reality and aim to achieve the best we can under such circumstances with few choices.

We would have liked to have reached where we are today months ago but the process of reaching this point has involved negotiation on many fronts, with increasing pressure from our creditors and having to take a serious amount of legal and financial advice.  We can assure you that behind the scenes a huge amount of work has, and still is, taking place by your wholly voluntary board to be in a position to present this to you today.

From the outset and no matter how hard it seemed we have aimed for the activities on the farm to not only continue but to thrive if at all possible with little transition. This would allow you, or your community, to flourish here and continue everything you enjoy about Ffarm Moelyci.  No tall order when you consider the historic debt of the farm.

The farm was divided into 4 lots to sell, on advice of our agents Jones Peckover.

Lot 1&2 – The Lower Farm and Ffridd

A consortium has been formed to purchase these lots of the farm where the ecology and biodiversity is at their greatest and where most of the activities take place.  Assuming their purchase reaches completion, the consortium will undertake and promote activities on the farm in new and exciting ways and allow the farm to continue to be enjoyed by its community.

Directors of the consortium have informed us that parties have come together within the consortium to:

  • Continue to maintain and support the local biodiversity and wildlife.  To encourage the SSSI areas to flourish and continue to be a nationally significant site for grasslands and fungi.
  • Support small local enterprises, maintaining both forestry and to protect land for walkers and visitor as well as to establish greater tourism activity on the farm.
  • Develop new educational and training opportunities, start realistic solutions to grazing on SSSI land and allow the farm, it’s heritage and its’ potential to continue to be cherished.
  • Allow the community to develop here; to grow their own food, find solace and therapy and continue to be an part of the farm.
  • And of course, to continue and expand the role of Blas Lôn Las, our well loved Café and Shop, in championing local food.

Lot 3 – Y Parc

  • It’s not often that land near to larger holdings come up for sale. In this case a local farmer has seized the opportunity and is planning to secure Y Parc for the future.

Lot 4 – Mynydd Moelyci

  • The mountain has a rich heritage of SSSI, beautifully stunning heather blooms and a long history behind it. This has attracted a local farmer grazing sheep, to add a unique angle to their farm produce and the story they can tell.  It doesn’t end there though, with an active farmer neighbour the attractive potential to graze the lower land has not gone unnoticed and you might see sheep, and the odd donkey, around the farm sooner than you think.

It’s all good news and although it has taken a long time, it’s going to be worth it.  As you know we work very hard to continue Ffarm Moelyci into the future hopefully creating continuity that allows the community to continue to thrive and flourish. Cwm Harry still continue to work with us very closely to keep the farm active and open until the sale process is complete and without their active support keeping the farm open would not have been possible and much of what has subsequently taken place would therefore not have been possible either.

Thank you again for your confidence, support and patience.  We can see why lack of information doesn’t help but we have not wanted to air the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes work that we diligently and restlessly perform.  We can assure you however that we have not for one instant taken our foot off the pedal.


Pauline Egan, Derek Schofield and Anne Robins

Directors of Moelyci Environmental Centre

How to keep in touch with the future of the farm


Dear members and friends,

You have already seen our update above that explains how the sale of the farm is progressing. We hope you have a degree of confidence that, despite the trials and tribulations of recent times, the farm and its community benefit are being secured to the best of our ability.

The most used part of the farm, the lower farm (Lots 1 and 2), is being sold to a series of buyers who have agreed to continue to build the environmental quality of the land and to keep the farm open to the community and to optimise the social benefits. Ymlaen Moelyci Cyf has worked tirelessly to make this future possible and will continue to develop opportubnities at Ffarm Moelyci.

How can I find out more about the future of Ffarm Moelyci?

If you would like to be kept informed with news from Ffarm Moelyci, hear about events and activities etc. then you need to FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW and subscribe to Ymlaen Moelyci’s subscribers list.

MEC, as stated in our earlier update, will not be undertaking any future marketing to those registered on our database. Your only chance to keep in touch with Ffarm Moelyci activities is to opt in to Ymlaen Moelyci’s database using THE LINK BELOW.

The great work undertaken by this community over the last fifteen years is not being lost. The future of the farm lies with its new owners. To lend them your support and keep in touch with what they are doing then register for their newsletter.


For further details about the sale of the farm and how to get in touch, please see below.

The farm is up for sale! (September 2017)

This is our final chance to save the farm and secure it for future generations. It’s up to you to help the farm over the finishing line.

We don’t need to tell you all how great the farm is and what value it holds for all of us; you wouldn’t be on this mailing list if you weren’t already convinced of its beauty, rich wildlife, community spirit, allotments or quality coffee and cake!  It’s still open for business too, so come along and enjoy the farm.

We do now have a big – but not insurmountable – ask for you the local community. With the farm formally up for sale – and a deadline of mid November – the groups and enterprises are hugely busy getting their funds together.

Together we have a consortium called Ymlaen Moelyci (Forward Moelyci) that has already got a long way down the runway.  At the time of writing Ymlaen Moelyci has received Expressions of Interest from several of its consortium members in land and buildings worth collectively up to £650,000. A second tier of Expressions of Interest could see a further £250,000 pledged from partners. This leaves around £150,000 still to find and we would now like to ask you, the community, to help meet this shortfall.  

It is a many hands makes light work appeal that once and for all would remove the burdensome debt that has dogged Ffarm Moelyci for many years now. It is the debt that has demanded this sale and it was the level of debt that meant Cwm Harry couldn’t proceed. Now with a new consortium and just £150,000 we could at last secure the farm for future generation.

Linked below you will find an advert for the farm and a wonderful brochure celebrating much of what you all do on the farm.

This isn’t just about saving the farm, it’s allowing it’s community to enjoy it and grow with it for generations. It allows you to start businesses here and appreciate the rich wildlife, heritage and ecological diversity.

Image above opens to a PDF file.  Click to open in your browser or right click and “save link as” to save to your computer.

More formally, the farm is for sale through our agents Jones Peckover.  If you are only interested in buying the farm then visit their website  We however strongly encourage anyone who is interested in keeping the activities and energy here for the community to enjoy then to get in touch with us or support us below.

How can you help?  HELP SAVE THE FARM

There are many ways you can help to save the farm.  You can spread the word that the farm is up for sale and looking for support.

To see everything that is fantastic about the farm and how to save it find our brochure here (4mb PDF):

Image above opens to a PDF file.  Click to open in your browser or right click and “save link as” to save to your computer.

We know of one initiative looking to secure the farm for the future:  Ymlaen Moeylci.  Click the image below to see their flyer or visit

Image above opens to a PDF file.  Click to open in your browser or right click and “save link as” to save to your computer.

What else can you do?

Any money, big or small can help save the farm and secure the freehold and the enterprises for the future.  We have crowdfunding pages set up where you can pledge your support:

Here you can support Ymlaen to secure the freehold or you can support individual groups so they can make a better offer for their future.

Want to know more?

If you want more information from us then get in touch:

Call the office on 01248 602 798

Pay us a visit;

Lôn Felin Hen, Tregarth, Gwynedd, LL57 4BB

Or write to us at

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