REgional Development and Integration of unused biomass wastes as REsources for Circular products and economic Transformation

September 2016 to September 2019

The REDIRECT project takes place on the old composting site at Ffarm Moelyci.

The REDIRECT project offers an opportunity to host a pan-European project where Cwm Harry is a key partner, responsible for the building and operating of a farm scale pilot plant in Wales.  The preferred location for this plant is in Ffarm Moelyci, with access and setting among like minded businesses.  Redirect’s purpose is to establish a farm based business model that better manages land, adds value to marginal biomass such as bracken and soft rush and generates renewable fuels at a local or rural level.  If the pilot plant is a success then the plan is to share the technology across Wales.  REDIRECT is funded from the European Union and incoporates 5 countries; Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland and the UK.  REDIRECT builds upon the successful INTERREG IVB program COMBINE.

Each year, approx. 34 MT of residual biomass occur in urban and rural areas of North-West Europe (NWE). On the other hand, there is an increasing demand in carbon feed-stock, not only for fuel purposes but also for products, for instance in the waste water sector for activated carbon that is currently imported from African or Asian countries.

RE-DIRECT aims to set up decentralised conversion units to convert residual biomass into alternative carbon products. We will also focus on activated carbon to be used for clearing regional waste water and contaminated sites.

The project aims to create a network for alternative carbon products and promote the collection, production and value chain management of alternative coal and carbon products as a starting point to circular economy. With this it will benefit to global climate, but will also contribute to foster regional economy and deliver smart solutions to remidate contaminated sites and eliminate hazardous micro-pollutants.

Cwm Harry are one of the Welsh Partners in the program alongside Severn Wye Energy Agency and Aberystwyth University:  IBERS.

For more information, please see the associated website or get in touch.

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