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New Future Beckons for Ffarm Moelyci

Wales’s biggest community owned farm – 390 acres lying between Bethesda and Bangor – has been in community ownership for fifteen years. Initially saved from development by the community its early years were marked by a rejuvenation of the wildlife on the farm. However Moelyci IPS (the cooperative) that owned the farm found themselves in financial difficulties and enthusiasm and enjoyment on the farm had ebbed away.Adam Kennerley of Cwm Harry said “three years ago Cwm Harry Land Trust took on the farm business tenancy and saved the community cooperative from having to sell the farm. In those three year Cwm Harry has turned the farm around, opening the farm gates wider to welcome in the community by offering a vibrant local shop and cafe, maintaining the allotments and hosting organisations such as Snowdonia Donkeys who work with the young and disadvantaged. Re-establishing farming practices on the farm Cwm Harry has also attracted a range of entrepreneurs looking to set up their rural businesses on the farm; including an award winning cheese producer, a biomass production enterprise and community pig project.
Paul Taylor, Chair of Cwm Harry Trust, went on to say “Cwm Harry regrets that we will not be purchasing the farm outright and, as we announced to the shareholders of Moelyci IPS’s AGM last night (Thur 13th July), is relinquishing its lease this autumn and will be focusing on its existing environmental enterprises elsewhere in Wales and in England. With the farm substantially improved and with a range of enterprising activities on site Moelyci IPS will shortly be looking for a new owner for the farm.”
In speaking to the community Adam stated that “fifteen years of dynamic community ownership has created a vibrant and attractive asset for the rural economy in the Ogwen Valley. It is now time for a new owner – or a new group of partners – to take up the reigns and reap the rewards that Ffarm Moelyci can offer. The difficult decision taken by Cwm Harry to leave is only matched by the difficult decision Moelyci IPS now face to sell the farm. Each party have made full statements (see below / attached). The farm – including the shop & cafe – remains open as usual throughout the summer for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.”

For further information contact Adam Kennerley on 07791122491 or

Cwm Harry Land Trust Ltd

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