This year six new Welsh pigs arrived on site ! Although they have only been here since September, they are growing fast and we anticipate they will be ready for slaughter by the end of November, presented  as Pork Joints

The project has been lead by Iwan Hywel and a group of friends. Each person has contributed £80 for their share of a Pig, which should give them half a pig.  So has Blas Lôn Las too, to sell to the community.

We will evaluate the success of the project in the winter and, if agreed, will repeat the project again next year, buying weaners in March, sending half to be slaughtered  for Pork and keeping the other half for a further two months before sending them to be slaughtered and used for Bacon and Ham.

To ensure the project continues, we need people interested in purchasing part of a pig but also people interested in helping to feed and water to pigs.

If you are interested in getting involved next year, please contact us.

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