How to Help

One of the outcomes of the last meeting was to understand how people can get involved.  A group of like minded individuals has formed and will feed back to the meeting on Friday.  There are however other ways you can support groups and the organisations.

At each meeting held there are consistent calls for the parties on the farm to be clear about what volunteering is required at this time. Below is a current list so please contact the relevant person. But one key volunteering role that would be helpful would be for someone to help coordinate these offers of volunteering.  So a sort of broker connecting willing workers with the right part of the farm. If this is you please get in touch.

Moelyci IPS have asked for expertise and support to give the board breathing room.  There is a lot to consider during the days ahead.  If you feel you have something to offer, please get in touch and register your name and skills available.

Blas Lôn Las – The Shop and Cafe –  The shop and cafe require practical help on a day to day basis to serve customers and prepare foods.   They need to consider the future of the shop  so help and support is needed to form a group around the shop which can consider it’s potential, collaborators and produce ad a business plan.  Carol –

The Growing Space – Practical on-the-ground help to keep the farm open, tidy and producing.  The space also needs considering how it fits alongside the shop and cafe and plans for it’s future based on the assets available. Coryn –

The Allotment Group – The group is already forming a committee to produce a viable plan for the future. If you think you can support this:  George –

Woodlands and Wildlife Groups – These well established group always need support and sessions to help control invasive species on the land and manage woodlands.  With the addition of SSSI spaces to the farm, even more protection and non-destructive methods are needed.  Maybe you’ve got the equipment to help and we can organise a bash, or know of groups looking for volunteer work.  There are considerable woodlands on the farm looking for sustainable management and potential investors.

Admin and General Help – As we’ve said before, we’re looking for someone to volunteer to help coordinate volunteers.  If you think that person is you then get in touch.  There is a group forming alongside this and they will be represented at the meeting on 18th August.

We would also welcome more help for translation and interpretation and general maintenance.  Would you be willing to take responsibility for an area for the next couple of months?  How about being the organiser for social or food events?  Are there people that should be contacted and conversations held about the future, could that person be you?  Dave  –

Weather Station – If you have 10 mins to spare only once a week (or more if you want!) then be part of the team recording the weather every day on the farm for the Met Office.  Ruth –

Snowdonia Donkey Society are tenants on the farm.  They would like to stay but need support to do so.  If you have a passion about donkeys, they are asking for expertise and advice, particularly with business planning.  They are also happy to explore potential collaborators.  Ruth –

AGRO are another group on the farm, looking after the fruit field and working with recovering adults.  They would love to stay on the farm and be part of any new initiative but require support and advice to do so.  Paul –

Cosyn Cymru – Want to be part of any future of the farm to continue the fantastic award winning cheeses and sheep dairy produce.

There will be other areas we are missing.   We ask for practical help, not just suggestions, and though time is tight, we need to be wise with it.

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