How Moelyci is Run


Ffarm Moelyci is run through a staff team, overseen by a Steering Group and supported by a range of Working Groups, each with particular areas of rights and responsibilities on the farm.  The steering group meets on a regular basis once a month to discuss issues on the farm.  The group is made up of representatives of the working groups and local community, staff and volunteers.

The Working Groups – which are open to anyone wishing to get involved – include:

  • Ecology and Wildlife of Ffarm Moelyci;
  • Woodland Groups
  • Welsh Culture and Heritage at Ffarm Moelyci;
  • Events at Ffarm Moelyci;
  • Access, interpretation and promotion of Ffarm Moelyci.

There are also Working Groups looking at:

  1. Local Food Hub – supporting the development of the shop, café and market garden;
  2. Farming for the Future – investigating how to re-establish farming and do so in a sustainable manner.

Further information can be found about our working groups here.  To get involved in any of these groups just make CONTACT WITH US.

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