Welsh Culture and Heritage at Moelyci

Ffarm Moelyci is rich in heritage.  Through the history, the Welsh culture, farming and the unique setting on everything we do on the farm is reflected backwards and forwards in time.  In 2010, the farm was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to catalogue and record some of the history for posterity.  The Moelyci Social and Natural Heritage Project has put together a number of materials for you to enjoy.

Heritage Trail

With the help of local volunteers, the backbone of the project was the forming of a Moelyci Heritage Trail.  A full colour map and trail guide can be viewed or downloaded below.

heritage-trail-frontheritage-trail-backClick Images To Open Larger View

Alternatively download as a PDF:   Heritage Trail [FRONT] [BACK]

Potted History

The history of the farm dates back right to 750BC during the Iron Age with the Brythonic Celts.

For a complete history, take a look at our Potted History Page

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