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To find out what the latest updates about Ffarm Moelyci are, take a look at our bulletins and newsletters.  Our bulletins are prepared, with a lot of hard work, from our volunteers.  We aim to publish a bulletin once a month and it will contain updates from each group on the Ffarm, events and dates for your diary.  Up the the minute information can be found on our facebook page www.facebook.com/moelyci.  If you want to know more or get involved then contact us.


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Gorffennaf / July

Bwletin Gorffennaf 2017 Cym

Bulletin July 2017 Eng

Mehefin / June

Bwletin Mehefin 2017 Cym

Bulletin June 2017 Eng

Mai / May

Bwletin Mai 2017 Cym

Bulletin May 2017 Eng

Ebrill / April

Bwletin Ebrill 2017 Cym

Bulletin April 2017 Eng

Mawrth / March

Bwletin Mawrth 2017 Cym

Bulletin March 2017 Eng

 Chwefror / February

Bwletin Chwefror 2017 Cym

Bulletin February 2017 Eng

Ionawr / January

Bwletin Ionawr 2017 Cym

Bulletin January 2017 Eng


 Tachwedd – Rhagfry / November – December

Bwletin Tachwedd 2016 Cym

Bulletin November 2016 Eng

Hydref / October

Bwletin Hydref 2016 Cym

Bulletin October 2016 Eng

Medi / September

Bwletin Medi 2016 Cym

Bulletin Sept 2016 Eng

Awst / August

Bwletin Awst 2016 Eng

Gorffennaf / July

Bwletin Gorffennaf 2016 Cym

Bulletin July 2016 Eng

Mehefin / June

Bwletin Mehefin 2016 Cym

Bwletin June 2016 Eng

Mai / May

Bwletin Mai 2016 Cym

Bulletin May 2016 Eng

 Ebril / April

Bwletin Ebrill 2016 Cym

Bulletin April 2016 Eng

Mawrth / March

Bwletin Mawrth 2016 Cym

Bulletin March 2016 Eng

Ionawr – Chwefror / January – February

PDFs:  To open pdf files visit https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ and download the reader.

Bulletin Jan-Feb 2016 pdf


Rhagfry / December

Bulletin Dec 2015 pdf

Tachwedd / November

Bulletin Nov 2015 pdf

Hydref / October


Medi / September


Awst / August 2015



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