Allotment Pledges

Dear Plot Holder,

Pledges for purchase of lease from Ymlaen Moelyci Consortium

Scroll down for pledges form.  Copies of the form can also be found in the allotment store, opposite reception entrance.

The purpose of this letter is to ask those plot holders who have already pledged money to our fighting fund to please tell us in writing that they are willing to leave the pledge with us for a minimum of 3 years or 5 years  or whether they are willing to leave it with us for longer than 5 years. A form is attached and we are asking you to complete it in hard copy and return it to the address on it.

If you cannot commit your money for 5 years , please tell us . There’s  no problem about this but we would be calling in the money at the end of November and need to know how much we’ll have by then.

To those plot holders who have not yet made a pledge there is no compulsion at all but the explanation below may inspire you to offer £100, £200 , £300  £500 or a higher amount for a minimum of 3 years.

Summary of why we need this cash

As part of the publicised need  to sell the farm a bid is being put together by a consortium. This includes the chance to buy the allotment on a 99 year lease in 2 bites to give our new not for profit company called Tregarth Community Allotments  CIC(Community Interest Company) time to apply for grant funding to pay for the second bite.

The first bite will be £20,000 ,payable by the end of November 2017 (actual date still a bit fluid ) .
That first purchase would give us a 5 year lease of the allotments . Meaning that rent we pay to the allotment company would cover extra costs both on the plots and  a service charge to the new company Ymlaen  Moelyci for shared access road maintenance. This latter service charge might  be about £5 per plot holder per annum., no more.

If we continue to pay rents to our Treasurer at the present amount ,ie 20pence per square metre,  it would give us a chance to build up our pot of money to help fund the second bite payment of £20,000 after say 2 years. If we do that, the lease will be converted to a 999 year lease and we would no longer be paying a landlord anything other than service charges for road maintenance and possibly water and electricity.

In the meantime ,ie between November 2017 and January 2020 ,a small group from the allotment committee would be working continuously to source grants and plan  other fundraising activities  for a fighting fund to pay the remainder of the second £20,000  by the year  2020.

How are we going to find £20,000 by the end of November 2017? A combination of pledges made by plot holders and a Lottery awards-for-all grant of £8000 that we are at present formulating ready to submit very soon. Jill Turner is leading on this application with support from the fundraising group, the allotment committee and Ymlaen Moelyci.

If you would like to discuss this whole process  in more detail please speak either to Andy Crabb our  Treasurer (contact ) or Gill Winstanley (contact, both Directors of the new Tregarth Community Allotments not for profit company. Both Andy and Gill have been involved in the negotiations and planning for this package to help us to buy the allotments. Andy as Treasurer will take on more of the day to day finance and Gill is spending all her energy on fundraising .

Unlike in the past ,as a not for profit company the allotment community are legally entitled to access further small grants to buy the facilities that we have always wanted on the allotments to improve the whole site . The wish list is long and we may choose to alter our priorities  either way it may take several years to work through it given that first we have to buy the site;-

  • small tractor/trailer/buggy type unit for travel around the two fields,
  • communal lock up facility for tool storage ,
  • spacious composting loo on far field ,
  • car parking for disabled and turnaround for plot holders dropping off equipment etc at top of second field,
  • bulk purchase of sheds and water storage for all plots,
  • rabbit proof fencing for grids of plots,
  • signage and maintenance of boundary gates and fences
  • a second polytunnel and replacement of skin on existing one
  • 12 wheelbarrows and assorted tools for sharing
  • a large communal shelter cum pavilion on the site for allotment activities like seed swops, allotment meetings, skills sessions, day courses and briefings for visitors and of course socials

We do hope you will help us to build an allotments for the community to enjoy for ever.

Thank you for reading this far .

Please remember to complete the form linked below and return to

Andy Crabb  ,

Rhandiroedd Cymunedol Tregarth CIC / Treasurer Tregarth Community Allotments CIC

c/o Ffarm Moelyci , Lon Felin Hen, Tregarth , Gwynedd, Bangor  LL 57 4BB

by 20 October 2017 

From :     Rhandiroedd Cymunedol Tregarth CIC / Tregarth Community Allotments CIC
Directors: George Smith, Derek Schofield, Jennie Dean, Pat Williams, Andy Crabb, Gill Winstanley

Pledges Form Sept 2017 Update – Word Doc

Pledges Form Sept 2017 Update – PDF

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